Monday, October 17, 2011

Dentist II.

595. Pre-op. 
"Isn't it ironic, that we are eating cupcakes at the dental waiting room?"

596. Pendant op.
Dentist: OK, you should feel some numbness in your mouth now...You shouldn't be able to say sausage.
Me, instinctively: Saaasaaage. 
Me, toes curled firmly inside my grown-up boots out of fear, forefinger pointing at eyelids, which close and open quickly: Eyes...
Dentist: You want to close your eyes? 
Me, nodding head.
Dentist: OK, you can close your eyes. I'm going to do the same thing. 
Dentist: Can I explain you how I take out your tooth?
Me, still cringing out of anticipation for excruciating pain, thinking to myself, can I hit you on the head, nodding.
Dentist: There are three steps, the first is (something something something blah blah something medical blah).
Me, continuing nodding. 
Dentist: Are you ready? 
Me, nodding once, tentatively. 
Dentist: One, two, three! *showing the already taken out, bloodied tooth, hitherto hidden behind his back* 
Me, giving him an anesthetically frozen, bloodied smile. 

597. Post-op.
Still unable to speak (the second gauze firmly in place to reduce bleeding), "what are you going to do?????????" I type, then hand over the Mac to him before visiting the sink again.
When I come back, there is a second line on the TextEdit file: "Taking care of you :)"

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