Friday, August 26, 2011


441. A sentence, for the best spaghetti aglio e olio that I have ever eaten. Granted, I have only eaten two in my life and the other time was prepared by myself after consulting Wikipedia -- the culinary Bible that suggested to add capsicum (or peperoncino, if you want to be all Italian). Nevertheless, it was still the best spaghetti aglio e olio that I have ever eaten, and possibly one of the best spaghetti that I have ever eaten in general. The latter part is a stronger claim to make, considering that I have eaten my favourite pasta dish, spaghetti marinara, in almost every fancy Italian restaurant I went to in Australia and that I have just returned from Italy, but it is still an accurate claim all the same. 

(OK, it might have been more than one sentence. Still, I wonder if I keep repeating the best, would Zoe make it again for me soon?)


  1. So flattering :) Of course, I will make it again..even though I could hardly eat it.

  2. haha...I knew it was all part of an evil remind me of Calvin

  3. Does it make you Hobbes, my partner-in-crime? :)