Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Logic II.

451. On her fiancé, who gets more and more sheepish as the story goes on: "We used to fly separately to Brazil. And each time, he kept saying, it's boring, flying is boring, we should fly together. Then one time, we did fly together, there and back. We got on the plane, and what did he do? He started working. Shh, shh, I am working. The whole eleven and a half hours! This is boring. I told him, I don't want to fly with you next time! It's better to sit next to a stranger. At least you can talk then..."

452. On why one should fish. 
Me: ...Not happy to hear that you are teaching her how to kill fish. They have feelings too! Poor little fish. I should buy some for my dinner tonight.
CS: The fish are serving a happy purpose, to be fed to happy pelicans. Look at it this way, they're going to end up eaten anyway, may as well be while they're juicy and delicious. That's called efficiency.
Me: A fishing charter. More blood on your hands. How do you sleep at night, CS?
CS: The fish cry for release from their tortured existence. The angel of mercy, Dr. CS, arrives with his pole of justice to free them from their briny damnation. The joyous cries of liberty ring through the deep as the piscean brethren are delivered from their cruel abode. Those fish left behind gnash their teeth in despair and wait for the next visit of the angel of mercy.

453. "...Anyway, was nice 2B with u for a while, even if u are not elegant with a magic pen :p"

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