Sunday, August 28, 2011


445. One of those awkward moments that I have not experienced since Tintin moved out last month and that I have forgotten about until today: seeing a stranger in my apartment in the early hours of the morning. Or, in this case, a semi-stranger: someone you know well enough to wish her happy birthday recently, but not well enough, evidently, to realize that she has spent the night, or to know what to say after "Good morning!" God it's been ages since we last saw each other? Hope you enjoyed the apartment? Isn't the view different in the morning?  

446. What we learn over the course of a Skype group chat, in no particular order of importance or time: 
&It might take two days to fly to Greece and back. 
&The weather in Southern France is not good for swimming at the moment. 
&Bolt gets disqualified in an important 100-metre run, for a rule that Zucchini does not like.
&I absentmindedly put two packages of rice into the pot and now have enough rice for one week. 
&Celery thinks bumm is a sound. 
&Carrot spells cool with approximately five hundred o's.
&Berlin here we come, the whole package of vegetables.

447. Reason #54 for having flatmates: shared pizzas and back-to-back episodes of House. Smurfette, upon coming home in her cute mini-dress and joining us for the second episode, "You guys look sweet with your laptops!"

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