Monday, September 12, 2011


491. Or lack of.
6ish pm. 
Me: The weather is beautiful. I am going to run!

6:50 pm.
Dark clouds are gathering outside the living room window. 
Me: Do you think it's going to rain? 
Gaston: Maybe...
Me: I'm running anyway! 

7.10 pm.
Gaston: What happened? 
Gaston: Did you even make it to the park?
Me: It started to rain...
Gaston: So? 
Me: So I'm a princess and I don't want to get wet...
Gaston: You are going to be wet anyway. At least the rain is cleaner than your perspiration...
Me: I can't. Plus, look, I've already sent a text message to say that it rains and I'm not going to run, so Audi can come over an hour earlier. 
Gaston: Now you are just making up excuses. 
Me, starting to eat cereals straight out of the box: It's true! 
Gaston: So you are going to eat instead, you lazy you.
Me: It's late. And I'm hungry. Oh look, the sun is out...
Gaston: GO RUN! 
Me, getting sophisticated and using a spoon to scoop out cereals instead: Even if he's coming at the original time, there is not enough time. I need an hour to run four laps...
Gaston, looking at the clock, looking at me, looking at the clock, then looking at me: You have an hour... 
Me, finishing the cereals box: Nooo...

7.20 pm.
Gaston, grinning: Have fun running! 
Me, giving him the death stare, before tying the keys onto my shoe laces.

7.50 pm. 
The early evening sun is still shining.
Me, praying that he's left for theatre. 
Gaston, right on cue, opening the building door just as I arrive home.
*stunned silence from both sides* 
Gaston: What happened??

492. Without exaggeration, the seventh zucchini meal within one week, which manages to be different from the previous six and delicious all the same.

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  1. Oh man I spent at least 30 minutes (not... more) trying to see the news filled entries which were vacant. I think I'm up to date now :)

    But you shouldn't forget the #number# of the entries because you are going to miss the 500th... And we are going something special the day of the 500th. And it's really really really soon :D