Thursday, September 8, 2011


478. More pick-up lines. Mid-afternoon.
Boy: r u there?
Me: I am now. 
Me: What's up? 
Boy: good... but I forgot why I buzzed ... how r u? 
Me: I'm ok
Boy: just ok? 
Me: yeah
Boy: Why r u so boring? 
Boy: Is it me or is it you or us?
Me, wondering to myself when it has become an us: Why are you not working??
Boy: I am working on u.
Me: :) 
Boy: It's hard research, u know.
Me: Only when it's not done correctly.
Boy: bad data = misleading results 
Me, quietly walking away from laptop.

479. Bringing back the Coke-n-Coffee break, thanks to our new regular participant, Mario, all the way from the third floor. This afternoon, Team Coffee include Mario and myself, Team Coke (Light) have their lifetime member and Rosalina. In an spectacular show of solidarity, Princess Peach gets the Coke for Rosalina, who prepares the coffee for Mario, who makes mine, and this is where the line of Pay It Forward ends because while all these actions are happening, I happily sit on my ass and do nothing. Once they return with the drinks, to further solidarity we decide to plan weeks ahead for Fortis Film Days by looking up movie trailers on YouTube. When the super duber uber hot Ryan Gosling appears on the Drive clip, I ask if Princess Peach could close my office door because it is hard to listen to Ryan Gosling's sexy voice when people discuss work in neighbouring offices we might disturb our hard-working colleagues. As Princess Peach sits back down in her chair, I enthusiastically and repeatedly tap F12 on my Macbook Pro. "Don't exaggerate, eh," Mario interrupts Ryan Gosling's progressively booming voice. "Our ears still work..." Leaning over, Princess Peach stage-whispers, "Hers don't..." 

480. 8ish pm. Skype. How to get me exercise at a moment's notice.
Zoe: gogogo

The emailed sneak peek did no justice for the warm, cinnamony, and Totally Uphill-Biking Worthy zucchini bread. Accompanied homemade hearty pumpkin soup not photographed.

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