Thursday, September 22, 2011

Logic III.

#. Sex and simplicity.
Boy: Gazpacho, men are animals. I mean human being... Ass is more or less where the machinery of reproduction is located. Men look at ass. That's all.
Boy: Men like breasts because in the remote past, small breasts = no food for baby = baby dead.
*a pause*
Boy: But I don't know really why I like feet. Maybe because in the remote past there was no cars.

#. A silent office. 
Cassandra: ItalianItalianItalian. 
Me: Uhm, what was that? 
Cassandra, laughing. 
Me, staring.
Cassandra, continuing to laugh. 
Me, continuing to stare.
Cassandra: I'm sorry...
Me: ...
Cassandra, between laughs: In English, it means what little balls!
Me: And little balls are... bad? 
Cassandra, unable to stop laughing. 
Me: ...
Cassandra: Sorry I don't see you so it feels like I'm alone sometimes.

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