Thursday, April 7, 2011


19. During a Twix break under the sun with Zoe.

"I'm not going to cook just for two people. Actually, I'm not going to cook for you. It's like, I don't like to cook just for myself, and when there are only you and me, there is really only you. And, you are like myself, so I'm not going to cook for you."
"With the metro, you can't see anything. With the bus, you can. So I prefer the bus. Actually, I prefer the bike."
"Maybe you can give me a ride on your bike there?"
"No, it's strictly a one-person bike, so it's only for myself. And, by myself, I mean me, not you."

20. "She's a nurse," wrote my mother.

21. It's 4 pm, and all offices in my half of the corridor are wide open. Wonder Woman is standing in front of her office, I in front of mine. She is asking if I have her sandwich. Because she is Wonder Woman, she has been in back-to-back classes and meetings since 8 am, therefore having no time for lunch. Because I am me, I have been bumming around since 8 am, therefore having plenty of time to pick up sandwiches for both of us, plus Rainbow, who has kindly invited me to have lunch in her office. Located between Wonder Woman's and mine, Rainbow's awesome office has everything under the sun, including an enviable couch, a stuffed fish, a bathroom scale, and a Coke-filled bar fridge. Remembering this last part, I tell Wonder Woman that yes, I have her sandwich, and, "Oh, and let's buy some Coke from the office of..." 

Then come the longest seven seconds of my day. Staring at Rainbow's open door and feeling completely embarrassed, for the life of me I cannot remember what her name is.  I keep wanting to say Kate but I know Kate is French, and although Rainbow can practically point at any country on the map and legitimately claim to be from there, Rainbow is not French. 

Rainbow might never invite me to have lunch with her again. 

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