Saturday, April 23, 2011


67. One of the advantages of having flatmates: You are constantly reminded that you are not the only silly person. 

Last December, when I told Gaston about the lake incident, by way of explanation for the heavily-soaked jacket with a faint cigarette odor, he asked if I had spoken to Tintin, who in the previous week had fallen into the very same lake. This morning, a few days after the sad departure of my butterfly bottle, Gaston pulled out from the same freezer a bottle of rosé, left forgotten and frozen for the last few days. However, unlike my unique butterfly, his highly-replaceable rosé is still completely intact. The alcohol content in his bottle must have slowed down the expanding process, consequently saving its life.

Alcohol helps, every time.

68. More advantages of having flatmates: Beautifully baked fish, and thoughtful comments on So you think you can dance, a BBC production with a quest of finding Britain's best dancer. "He has to go. He's ugly."

69. Midnight at a bar near Place Flagey.


  1. Humm maybe you should hide the face of the guys (with a black bar or a blurred effect) :p