Saturday, April 30, 2011


88. Scenes from a professional poker game. 
Zoe fills up her Brita. Sound of water trickling down. 
"That's funny," says Charlie, looking at the Brita. 
"That's funny?"
"Actually, that sound often makes me want to pee," says Miss I-Am-Sorry.
Bored with his cards, Charlie looks around. 
"Dry garlic! That's funny." 
"I'm having a feeling that you find everything funny." 
"You are not funny." 
Hugo takes a walk on a wild side and mixes his glass of water with 5ml of Coke Light. He tries to tempt Charlie into doing the same thing. 
"Want a Coke-tail?"
"That's not funny." 

89. Catherine comes home. "So, I was watching the wedding again today..."

90. Near midnight. On the way to a party. Things we share with every fellow tram passenger:
& Catherine is now relaxed, after having risked her life running across Boulevard Général Jacques to pee. 
& Catherine's colourful descriptions of USA-Anthem-Singer's relatives. 
& At the Longchamp stop, there is a dead bird. And a stone next to it. This is how we know the bird is dead. 
& Some onions apparently did not get caramelized. 
& We care more about USA-Anthem-Singer's relatives and his brother's hot girlfriend than about onions.
& USA-Anthem-Singer does not have with him a picture of his brother's hot girlfriend. 
& We are very disappointed. 

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