Thursday, April 28, 2011


82. In his free time, Waldo volunteers for an organization that helps raise awareness about the situation in Palestine. 

"So, what do you actually do at your meetings?" I ask him. 
"We learn how to make bombs."
"That's all?"
"And how to throw stones." 
"Does it work?"
"The bombs?"
"No, throwing stones. But yes, do the bombs work?" 
"Didn't you see 9/11? That was our work."
"There was no bomb involved."
"So you think."

83. [28/04/11 21:38:18] shellaplank: Greetings dear!

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Are you the one I am searching for?

Probably not.

84. 11ish pm. Seen on Chaussée de Wavre.

Explanation A: Lab scientist got mugged; thief discarded one glove because it's contaminated. 
Explanation B: Late-night murderer tried to get rid of evidence. Unsuccessfully, it seems. 
Explanation C: Contemporary art. 

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