Monday, June 6, 2011


199. Returning from a hiking trip, Hugo has gained a scruffy beard and a new obsession.
Hugo: She didn't look fat a week ago, but now I ain't kn-
The rest of us: No.
Hugo: This December? Well, around that time I ain't h-
The rest of us: Nooo.
Hugo: So, tomorrow, they ain't going t-
The rest of us: Nooooo!!!

200. Actually looking forward to biking home. It is rather addictive, the sensation of being on a bicycle rolling down the two-lane Avenue d'Auderghem, feeling the cool wind against my face and pretending that I were performing a great balancing act. 

Never underestimate the effectiveness of brainwashing. Almost two years ago, I left Adelaide as a Windows-loving Ford driver. Today, I am on a rental bike, with my beloved Macbook Pro in the front basket. Give it a few months and I will be freestyle rapping with my homies, busking near Grand Place. Can't wait.

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