Wednesday, June 22, 2011


247. Reunion #1. "Let's kiss!" I say, smiling broadly at the sight of her, realizing too late what exactly I just said, possibly one of the lamest sentences I have ever uttered.

It's funny how the brain works. On the way to work, I was slightly dreading being around people, because it means having to be friendly and conversational, neither of which is particularly natural for me when I am jet-lagged and tired. Nevertheless, as soon as I see her, it seems perfectly natural to smile, and my thought process goes, Zoe!! It's good to see her again! We've always wanted to practice the habit of kissing every time we see each other! So, "Let's kiss!" 

248. Reunion #2. "Oh, Gazpacho-y!" "Oh, Anna!" In front of everyone else, we lean over and hug, slightly longer than necessarily, as if we had not just spent ten days almost 24/7 around each other. And, just in case we forget what it was like, we spend yet another evening together, drinking Italian cocktails and reminiscing about Will Smith.

249. Reunion #3. Les Foudres. As Claire talks, Snow White, Black Queen and I are not really listening, but instead looking closely at her hands. Sure enough, Claire starts gesturing to illustrate something, then remembering our watching, she mockingly puts her hands behind her back. It is an old, endearing habit of Claire, to describe almost everything she says with hand movements in case people do not understand her English, which is actually a lot more fluent than she cares to admit. I started teasing her about this from the beginning of lunch, and now Snow White and Black Queen also joined in. We will miss these gestures when Claire once again leaves us.

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