Saturday, June 18, 2011

New York, New York VII.

235. Afternoon. On the subway from Brighton Beach to Staten Island Pier. After swimming (Anna) and reading (me, the New Yorker) at Coney Island beach. After sharing pelmeni and stuffed cabbage at Cafe Glechik, drinking kvas and listening to familial stories of Ukrainian summers in a distant past. Can't stop laughing with Anna because of a lady sitting Basic Instinct style.

236. In front of Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. Anna and I as extras on the movie set of Man In Black 3, with scenes starring Will Smith, Josh Brolin and Jemaine Clement. Being given a service dog, named Nobi, to walk back and forth in the background. Anna being asked, "Why are you wearing blue? You can't walk the dog if you wear blue..." Waving at Will Smith when he is literally one meter away.

237. Past midnight. Walking the fourty-odd blocks along Broadway, from Times Square back to the hotel. Anna singing, "My feet are burning...," a residual effect from the Guano Apes concert.

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