Thursday, June 23, 2011


250. 5:30ish pm. The research meeting, which has been going since 10 am with a two-hour lunch break, is winding down. Glancing at the corner of the Mac, I notice that the farewell drinks for Luigi have already started, and wonder whether to join them, late as I am. The note that I found on my desk answers the question: 
   Zoe :)"

251. 11ish pm. Walking along Boulevard Général Jacques with Luigi, Mario and Bowser, possibly the last time in the foreseeable future that I am with the entire male cast of the Super Marios.

Earlier this evening, at Chào Restaurant. Apparently, for the first time Bowser has an anecdote that Princess Peach has not heard before, something to do with someone's hair (or lack of), and, uncharacteristically, he does not want to share the details. "Nnnno!" Bowser tells Princess Peach, by way of responding to her request to hear the story.  After trying, and failing, to mimic Luigi's categorical refusal "NO!" that has ended a lot of silly conversations, Bowser turns to Luigi and strikes a deal, "I'll do the look, and you can make the sound?" Luigi does not agree, which means we have one fewer opportunity of seeing his signature act. In fact, for the rest of the dinner, I do not recall Luigi doing it at all, but no doubt each of us, at one point or another, will try to imitate the Luigi's no again and again, long after he leaves us this weekend.

252. Screening flatmates. Act 1.
Gaston: We might have a new girl moving in with us. She came to see the room today.
Me: Who is she?
G: Belgian, used to live on the third floor two years ago, but moved out to live with her boyfriend. Now that they broke up, she wants to come back.

M: What does she do?
G: I don't know.
M: How old is she?

G: I don't know.
M: Okidoky...

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