Sunday, June 5, 2011


196. Sunday morning. Kitchen. As I am making coffee, Tintin comes in. The last time I saw him was most likely Thursday evening. 
Me: Hey, haven't see you for a while. 
Tintin: Yes. How was Friday night? 
M: Uhm... good? 
thinking to myself, why does he ask that?
T: Do you remember seeing me that night? 
M: Did I? At what time? 
T: Around 2 something? 
M: Oh god, did I also go into your room?
T: You don't remember? 
M: No! Oh no. Did I really? 
T: No *composes himself after bursting out laughing* but I heard from Gaston about your little traveling...

197. Near the playground adjacent to Place Jourdan. Walking on an uphill part of Chaussée de Wavre, the young couple suddenly stop. In a summery skirt, the girl walks around to stand behind the boy, and puts her arms around his shoulders. He in turn hugs her backwards, then slightly lowers his back. With one swift movement, the girl hops on. Straightening up, the boy starts moving forward slowly, now carrying both his girlfriend and her shoulder bag. With each step, the girl's body slides down imperceptibly. Less than fifteen seconds later, the girl gives up and gets off the back of her boyfriend. Such a short period of time, so many brownie points earned.

198. It is easy to tell, in a dark cinema, where the group of mathematicians, computer scientists and an economist sit. They are the only ones who laugh when the chief of a research center explains to the protagonist of the movie Source Code what exactly the source code is: "It's uh.. quantum mechanics, parabolic calculus."

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