Tuesday, July 26, 2011


349. Walking the long way home after work. Spending the first ten minutes hoping that Capoue has banana flavour, then the next forty minutes praying that the ice-cream will not melt by the time I am home, while wondering whether this one will taste like his favourite childhood ice-cream.

350. Complexity and significance. 

Me: Well, I'm the mathematician.
Gaston: I do mathematics too.
M: Sure...
G: Like, at work, I have been analyzing some budget for certain expenses, to determine how to proportion it over the next few years.
M: How much are we talking about? 
G: A lot...
M: Like, a few millions?
G: More. Three hundred and sixty seven billions.

I am certain that my work is important too...

351. Pizzeria II Sorriso. Back to where it all began. Same table, same seat, different story.

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