Friday, July 1, 2011


274. Having lunch with the Super Mario group again, after two weeks. Wasting no time in turning on his charm, less than a minute after we leave our work building, Bowser explains to Cassandra why it is difficult to talk to me, "She's not very tall. When I look at my eye level, I do not see her..." "Why are you telling me this?" asks Cassandra, "I am her height..."

275. "How did you survive for two weeks?" Geluck asks.

276. Back to Michael Collins, but this time with the little group being complete. Zucchini's ability to taste the difference between Coke and Coke Light. Making up a terrible lie when asked what I was doing with the waiter, "I was... asking about the drinks they have!" "That are not on this?" Celery asks, pointing at the drink menu on the table. Carrot telling Celery New York stories, unknowingly mentioning the same moments that I wrote in the blog. Walking around Place Flagey to find a pub because we are too lazy to walk to Place Luxembourg, where a few colleagues and acquaintances are having a few drinks. Giving up because of the Brussels summer crowds and coming back to Zucchini's place for homemade caipirinha, the most comfortable couch ever and Die Hard 4 on large monitor. Biking home in someone else's clothes: a decade-old pair of bright orange sports pants and a long black coat.

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