Sunday, July 31, 2011


364. 2ish am. Living room. Somehow, the topic of penises comes up. 
Girl #2: The first time for me, it was two. 
Me: How do you even remember that you first saw a penis when you were two? 
Girl #2: I was in the fourth grade...
Girl #1: You were two when you were in the fourth grade?
Girl #2: No, there were two penises. These two boys in my class took their pants off and showed me their penises. Then they said that I had to take my pants off too. I said no, I don't want to, but thanks for showing me your penises.

365. Reason #12 why Pierre and I are friends: I tell him about me getting a proof. He is happy for me. He tells me about breaking three eggs to make dinner and ending up with six yolks. I am happy for him. 
We might or might not need to find better things to be excited about.

366. On being alive.
CB: How goes the pumpkin? 
Me: Pumpkin's alive. How goes the potato? 
CB: Pumpkin is alive, that is good... but hardly the best statement about one's being ever. Potato is also alive.
Me: Being alive is a great thing.
CB: Dunno, I get mixed reviews from those who are... and those who aren't are too busy to reply.

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