Saturday, July 2, 2011


277. FISH FOR AN INVITATION!!! says the written note. Cider on the sunny terrace. "Have-" "No, I haven't. She's been asking me every day in last week whether I have talked to Luigi..." Zucchini's delicious pasta pesto, made from scratch. Mushroom's remark about me no longer wearing the "red" pants (which are more like bright orange), a reference to my eccentric outfit late last night thanks to Zucchini. Carrot's yummy carrot cake, hand-decorated and covered with 29 candles for Mushroom's belated birthday surprise. Mushroom's passionately standing up for a fellow French who apparently appeared rude and arrogant to Celery. The Spanish liquor that tastes exactly like baileys but looks darker (if you believe me), and lighter (if you believe everyone else). The discussions on the differences between human beings and animals, on gender equality, on Celery being the expert on letters of complaints ("So I called the hotline number of a vending machine the other day...."), on where we should, at a moment's notice, spend a weekend lying on the beach and doing nothing. Celery's monologue, "Maybe next weekend. But maybe not next weekend because her people are coming, and we need to clean," then with a singing, high-pitched voice that is supposedly Carrot's, "But why do we need to cleaaaan?" The familiar walk from Carrot's and Celery's place to near Zucchini's place. Zucchini wobbling on a bike, seemingly threatening to scratch every single parked car along the street.

278. After midnight. Avenue Adolphe Buyl.
Why Zoe would never be hired in an Emergency department: As we cross the road, unbeknown to me, a car is fast approaching.
Zoe: Oh little Gazpacho-y, there is a car...
Zoe: I feel like a mountain goat.
Me: Because you know how a mountain goat feels like...? 
Z: Yes, in my former life I was mountain goat.
M: A female or a male?
Z: Female, of course. When was I ever a male something?

279. 1ish am. Realizing that the radio -- Gaston's most disliked item in the bathroom and Tintin's and my favourite -- has gone.

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