Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stockholm III.

292. Stockholm and beauty.
Studying on campus.

Exhibition on exhibition.

Art on university ceiling.

293. A warm, bright summer late afternoon. On a boardwalk. Resting my head against a comfortable sofa outdoor, feet up on the table, on my left the open water and a row of rustic, white boats, on my right Anna sipping watermelon Bacardi Breezer, the Vasa Museum (most visited museum in Scandinavia and where our conference dinner is held tonight) in the distant view. My new definition of relaxation. Until the moment when a disembodied voice says, "Oh, hello!" and then three familiar faces loom. Embarrassed at being caught by my bosses with three empty bottles of alcohol -- two of which are not even ours! -- before the conference dinner, it takes almost a full minute for me to realize that half of my bare legs are still in full view on the table, and that perhaps I should put them down...

294. Having a candle-lit dinner inside the spacious, air-conditioned Vasa Museum, next to a warship that sank after half an hour into its maiden voyage -- is it the wrath of Vasa or the malice of Poland? goes a question on the museum wall -- and remained deep under the Baltic Sea for 333 years before being recovered. In a white, knee-length pencil skirt and a turquoise blue, long-sleeved tight shirt, Anna says that she is cold. Ever a gentleman, Geluck starts to take off his tweed jacket. "Oh no," Anna instantly protests, "that is going to ruin my outfit..."

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