Sunday, July 24, 2011


343. 4 am. 
"This is actually a nice place to sit..."
"I know."

344. Wednesday. "Come see Lion," Bowser said, motioning me to come closer to his gigantic Mac screen. Had it not been for the department email sent out earlier this afternoon about the new Mac OS, I would have easily thought that Bowser was referring to an animal. "I don't want to see your Lion." "Come see Lion," Bowser had a remarkable ability to filter out things he preferred not to hear. "No Lion," I shortened my response, in case it would help make my point less ambiguous, then wrote on his whiteboard, "NO LION!!", underlined. I did, in the end, look at the fancy Mail application in Lion. Bowser was happy.

Friday. Returning to work after the national holiday, Rosalina announced, brightly, "We have updated to Lion," we being, presumably, Professor E. Gadd and herself. Because she was my office-mate, and because she was smiling so sweetly, I couldn't tell her that I did not want to see her Lion. Plus, the Mail application had seemed really neat. I came over to her desk, and Cassandra quickly summarized all cool things that came with Lion. "Mmmmmm," I nodded appreciatively, wondering whether I should admit to her that I read a review about Lion the previous night, and out of all great technical features listed, I could only remember Mission Control. The name sounded awesome.

Saturday. Arsenal tram station. Running into each other by coincidence, of all things, I asked FL, "have you installed Lion?" He said he was thinking about it, and I told him I was kind of interested too. Who wouldn't be interested in Mission Control? Ambrosio, FL's office-mate, had apparently suggested the plan of getting Lion to share among five computers, because you could get five legal licenses per copy. Sure, why not, I told Ambrosio at the end of Zoe's birthday party, when he asked if I wanted to be part of the plan. 

Sunday morning. I got Lion. 

Wonder if Bowser would want to come see it.

345. Except for a 999-piece jigsaw puzzle (Ascending and Descending by M.C.Escher) and a San Francisco calendar, my bedroom walls are completely bare. It has always been my plan to find a poster or photos to decorate the white space, but the right thing has never come along. 

Until now.

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