Monday, May 23, 2011


157. Take 1. By Gazpacho.

Bobbing my head enthusiastically to the music of a Swedish warm-up band for Guano Apes, even if, having never previously listened to Royal Republic or even known of their existence, most of the lyrics pass me by. At one point, a crystal clear sentence is repeated over and over again. "Did he really sing what I thought he sang, I can see your underwear from down here...?" "Yep," replies the sole Royal Republic girl for whom we agreed to go to the concert. "OK..." After momentarily reflecting on this meaningful statement, I continue bobbing my head. After all, last year I went to a Lady Gaga concert, where the lyrics was infinitely more outrageous, and I could see her underwear from down here.

158. Take 2. By Zucchini.

The good, the bad and the ugly, better known as the pretty, the geek and the slightly lesser geek:

"I am not used to this kind of concert. Where I come from, you can eat."
"You eat during a rock concert?"
"Normally, you go there before, have something to eat, sit at a table and then the concert starts."
I begin to wonder if Carrot has been to a rock concert before or could it really be that you enjoy a nice meal while the band tries to make the audience pogo?? Well, let's see what the others think about it... I am approaching Mushroom who still stands at our earlier spot close to the stage.

"What do you think about the concert so far?"
"Not bad... did you notice that the venue's logo is velocity times the wave vector?"
"Sorry?" (not prepared for this answer at all)
"Ah no, wait... the complex conjugate of the vector" after noticing the small star in the logo.

This settles it once and forever, the geekiest person of our small group has been identified... and against all odds, recompiling kernels or not, it is not me!

159. Take 3. By Mushroom.

Intro: Before a concert there is usually two groups of people: the ones who want to eat before the concert, and the ones who prefer to eat afterwards. Today I belong to the second group. Though, I'm chatting with Melody in a kebab place, a coca light can in my hand. At some point, Lindsay joins us in the place, because she is scared that the fries she is holding are going to completely disappear. She gives us some fries then returns ouside with Anna and Maurice. Soon, Melody realises something and ask "Why am I waiting for Maurice's dürüm?" I say nothing but I think "Je ne sais pas. Mais peut-être que dehors il se demande pourquoi il est en train de manger tes frites."

Verse: The pre-band is already playing when we arrive. I go to the bar and order for beers (technically I order for some "jetons"). Then we try to make a path in the crowd. The sound is quite good but obviously beyond 100 dB, so I put my ear plugs. Even if it's not really the music I like, the band is good, and particularly the front man who is doing his job very well. At a moment they play a cover song, but it's frustrating because I don't remember from which band the song is. Already the last song, then the "encore". Yeah, they don't play for long for our late point of view. Anyway during the break, I remember that we notice with Melody that the logo on stage vk*, looks like the term of an equation, something like the velocity times the complex conjugate of the wave vectors... really geeky je sais.

Chorus: Humm... good band. They really enjoy playing. And good bass player. But after a while I'm getting bored. I should look at the room because the sound it's good. The intern architecture is specifically made for the sound. The room has the usual conic form, the walls and the ceiling are covered by a layer of wood to create complexes and non-linear reflections. I'm particularly focusing on the ceiling, with two breaks in it to kill low frequencies stationary waves. Good place :). The final part of the concert is quite nice. All the fans are singing. Even Anna is completely crazy.

Bridge: I'm hungry so I ordering a big burger. Some people help me to finish it. The girls order for a brownie "avec trois cuillères."

Outro: In the "septante et un", I'm watching Melody and Lindsay having a paper saber fight... sexy :p. Soon, they are talking about going to see Swan Lake. For Melody it's just to see the ballet itself. For Lindsay it's also the occasion to get dressed up, with wigs... Later, my left knee hurts a bit, we are walking home with Lindsay. Because it's late enough, we can walk in the middle of the road and we enjoy that as Tom and Huck. We should do that more often. We arrive at her flat door, we exchange some "it was nice", "I'm a bit tired" and other "Bonne nuit". Finally I'm at my place, it's almost 1 am and, as I grab my keys to open the door, I realise that I have an red ink equation's term painted on my right hand saying: the velocity times the complex conjugate of the wave vector.


  1. @Zucchini:
    1. With your writing, I can perfectly imagine Carrot and Mushroom saying it! :)
    2. I had the same reaction when Carrot told us about "where she comes from"...
    3. Sorry but recompiling kernels makes you the ultimate geek ;)

    1. "Soon, Melody realises something and ask "Why am I waiting for Maurice's dürüm?"" I also asked Maurice why Melody was waiting for his food!
    2. "Even Anna is completely crazy" :) She was very cute when she went crazy.
    3. I thought of writing about us walking right in the middle of the street too. Who are Tom and Huck?

  2. @Gaspacho:
    1. I mean Thomas Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn.
    2. Come on ! you play chess by using a terminal :)

    1. To answer to the question you never asked: No I never went to a concert with food.
    2. So did you try Gnome 3.0 ? :)

  3. @Mushroom:
    1. I realized that as soon as I posted the comment...
    2. Wait until you know that I organized chess tournaments using a terminal @_@

  4. @Gaspacho:
    1. Did you ?

  5. @Mushroom:
    1. thanks :)
    2. not yet...I did not hear good things about it and I didn't want to risk anything ;)

  6. @Mushroom:
    1. Never. Ever. *goes and erases all records of her tournament management*