Sunday, May 8, 2011


112. "I'm sorry I'm being a little picky," I tell him, after leaving a possible lunch venue, the first of over ten places that I also rejected later on. 
"What does it mean, being picky?"
"Like, being fussy, being difficult to please..."
"So, you mean, being Gazpacho-y?"

113. View from a balcony.
114. 12 pm - 2 am. Number of hours working: 12.5.

The only bright side of having an Melbourne deadline that translates to 2 am Brussels time, is that it does not translate to 10 am Brussels time, consequently saving me from pulling yet another all-nighter. By the end of the last one, coincidentally just before the first Melbourne deadline, in the submitted application I misspelt the first name of my supervisor, not an easy feat because it has only three letters. This time - I just notice now as I am rereading the submitted revision - I have referred to him as Prof. Brussels.

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