Thursday, May 12, 2011


124. Most Thursdays, the Super Marios have sandwiches in the coffee room, with their supervisors. I have been tagging along with Princess Peach for a few times, but today is the first Thursday lunch I join them since Bowser's return. As usual, Bowser has something to share with us. "I was reading this Canadian online newspaper, and there's a report, perhaps you have read it too," he looks at me, "because I think the report was also in the Australian newspapers. Anyway, someone was saying that women should wear less provocative clothes, to prevent aggressors..." His supervisor, the boss of my boss, sighs, "Bowser, you should spend less time reading newspapers, and more time doing your research..." She winks at me, perhaps to let me know that it's the sort of good-natured ribbing that she gives Bowser everyday. Luigi and Princess Peach are less kind, "Less time reading stupid newspapers..."

125. Drawn during a thesis defense. I could totally multi-task.
A member of the jury, also a colleague a few doors down from my office.
126. The member of the jury, drawn above, has just blitzed through the reading of the PhD certificate, by way of officially awarding the Doctorate. The PhD candidate, after seven years, has just legally earnt himself two extra letters. "I am very happy," his supervisor begins her speech, "to see you finally finish..." The newly-minted Dr. mutters under his breath, "Me too.."

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