Monday, May 16, 2011


136. "I want to have a name starting with O, with a diagonal line across and maybe two dots above...," Bowser begins. "Oh no, don't start," Princess Peach interrupts. "Every six months he wants to change his name..." Not deterred by her reaction in the slightest, Bowser goes on with various alternatives, which to me sound just like the same name pronounced in different ways. At one point, he looks at me, "during the Olympics, I was..." At the end of this sentence, there is yet another Italian name, one that I can't quite catch, just as I have no idea to which Olympics he is referring, or why this particular name for the Olympics, or why you need a new name for an Olympics at all. 
As I stare blankly at Bowser not knowing what to begin to ask, Luigi leans over and whispers, "Just smile and wave. Smile and wave..."

137. "PS. What is it about you that I keep thinking of you when I panic?"
"I am the kind of person that incites panic. That's why they call me Mr. Panic. Or Dr. Panic nowadays."

138. Office. Early evening. 
Bowser: So, do you want to swim tomorrow? 
Me: Nnnnnnnnn-No. 
B: Oh, because you can't swim, right? 
M: Well, I have a swimsuit...
Zoe: Actually, what you said is wrong, Bowser, and Gaz, what you said is not correct either. [...] Bowser, she can float, from one end of the swimming pool to the other, and Gaz, I'm sorry, but what you wear is not a swimsuit. It's a swimdress.

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