Monday, May 9, 2011


115. Each week, the World by the Numbers corner of TIME magazine features five statistics, supposedly related to important current affairs of different parts of the world.
In this week's issue: 
$10 million. Japan. Last sale price of Stradivarius violin to be put on auction to benefit earthquake victims. 
593,832. China. Number of foreigners residing in China, whose growing clout is leading to a rising expatriate population. 
$960 million. Switzerland. Money frozen in Swiss bank accounts that allegedly belongs to Libya's Muammar Gaddafi and the ousted former rulers of Egypt and Tunisia. 
96.7%. U.S. Percentage of American homes with TVs, down from 98.9% last year, the first time the number has dipped in 20 years.  
12%. Australia. Percentage of men surveyed from ages 16 to 24 who say they want less sex in their lives.

116. Me: Zoeee!
Zoe: Gazpaaaacho-y! 
M: Did you swim? 
Z: Yep. Finished sleeping? 
M: Yep. Did you talk to Eggplant?
Z: Nope. Did you? 
M: No. 
Z: Our most efficient conversation ever.

117. Reason #5 why I do not drive in Brussels: Trams.
Intersection of Chaussée de Wavre and Boulevard Général Jacques.
(Reason #2: I do not have a car. Even if I do, I will not after a few attempts at Reason #1: Parallel parking. It took me four times to pass this component in the Australian driving test, and that was only because my examination officer did not want to set up all the yellow cones for the fifth time.)

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