Friday, May 27, 2011


169. Putting together what turns out to be one of my favourite blog entries so far, because of the content itself, because of the collaborating experience, and because it once again reminds me why I'm friends with these vegetables in the first place.

Rule #1. No peeking. 
Rule #2. Each entry must be submitted to all co-authors at the same time.
Rule #3. No peeking. 

Deadline: 10 am.
Extended deadline:3 pm. Reason: Author #1 has a work meeting. 
Super-extended deadline: 5 pm. Reason: Author #2 has a work meeting.


Gazpacho, Mushroom, Zucchini*. A concert, seen through three different lenses. Journal of Random Moments, 1(1):1-3, 2011.

*Authors are listed alphabetically. 

170. 6ish pm. I am marching excitedly to the printer room, located next to Anna's office and a few doors down from the office of my supervisor, Geluck. Throughout a typical day, I make this short trip quite often, mainly to pick up journal papers or other work-related printouts, and occasionally to check my pigeon-hole for some expected mail or to scan important documents. Most of the time, my little visits go unnoticed, but then again, most of the time, I walk instead of marching excitedly to the printer room. The sounds of my elephantine steps draw Geluck out of his office and cause Anna, standing much further down the corridor, to turn around. As both of them are approaching me, I stop at the doorway of the printer room to chat.
"Anna, do you know that there is a jazz marathon this weekend? Starting... now?" 
"Really? Who are playing?" 
"Lots. In fact, I have just printed out the program. Let me pick it u-" 
"I thought you were working?" Anna asks.
Geluck looks at me, waiting. For a clever explanation that never came.
"I... am... Yeah, uhm... So..."

Life goal #36: Learn to walk elegantly. 

171. 1ish am. Marching back to the printer room again, this time in an exhausted manner and obviously without Valeria and Geluck around. In fact, without anyone around, except for Mushroom who has very kindly agreed to accompany me to the office at this crazy hour. It must have been my fastest walk from home to work, due to the determination to get this whole thing done as quickly as possible. It's been a long day. Somehow, instead of going directly to the scanner (the reason why I am here), I pause to glance at my pigeon-hole, even if I know I am not waiting for any mail. Except there is a mail. One that makes me smile and feel just a little less exhausted.

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