Saturday, May 21, 2011

Barbeques III.

151. While Victoria and I have been close for many years, I have hesitated for almost two months before telling her today about my blog (and increasing its potential readership by a massive 25%). I was a little embarrassed about letting her know that I have been writing all these silly little things.

Victoria: Can you include this one which I found on a wrapping paper and I love it:
"When life gives you lemons - make lemonade" :) 
I thought that was cute
I kept the wrapping paper...
I know it's a bit lame
Me: :)
(thinking to myself, certainly not lamer than any of the stuff that I have been writing...)

152. On the terrace. For a few minutes, there is complete silence. The host is not making the "clack clack" noises with his BBQ tong and asking if anyone wants some grilled eggplants; the hostess is taking a break from periodically offering to serve the salad; the guests are quietly enjoying the sun. Leaning back on our chairs, each of us is temporarily lost in his or her own world. Looking at the blue sky and at the faces around me, briefly but completely, I feel at peace. 

153. Pictionary, after Amaretto and Batida de Coco.

Artist: Zucchini. No winner. My word: idiocy.
Artist: Carrot. Winner: Celery. Mushroom's word: childhood.
Artist: Celery. No winner. Carrot's word: fear.

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