Sunday, May 15, 2011


133. Me: What do you think? This is going into my presentation.
Gaston: They look like boobs.
134. Watching an interview of Michael O'Leary, CEO of Ryanair, the largest airline in Europe in 2010. To reduce 5% of ticket prices, O'Leary wants to cut down from three to one toilet per airplane. Passengers are advised to either do what they need to do before boarding, or hold on until getting off the plane.

135. Living room. As I try to modify the boobs-like figure for my presentation, Tintin comes over to check out the Magic Trackpad. Running fingers on its smooth surface, he makes little soft noises, "Ooh... this is.. gooood..."
"I know, right? It's really cool. I quite like how it feels."
"Oooooh... yes... sooo good..," his eyes follow the movement of the black arrow on the screen.
It takes me another ten seconds or so before realizing that he has not been referring to the surface quality of my Magic Trackpad.

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