Tuesday, May 17, 2011


139. Eager to tell someone about the new Latin phrase that I have just looked up, I write to Cassandra on Skype, even if she is sitting right in front of me. 
"The Latin phrase argumentum a fortiori denotes argument "from [the] stronger [reason]". For example, if it has been established that a person is deceased, then one can, with equal or greater certainty, argue that the person is not breathing."
Then comes the instant reply, "What is the obscure message you want to convey..."

140. Unexpectedly finding a book of poetry and thinking, "This is much cooler than a Canadian computer cord."

141. End of the working day. Standing near the sliding door, we have been talking for over ten minutes; now both are showing signs of wanting to head home. 
"She is a complicated woman," he concludes. "Mmm," I respond softly, trying not to give the flippant response that comes to mind, given the seriousness of our discussion. A few seconds pass in silence. Looking at me, he says, "You are thinking, every woman is complicated, aren't you?"

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