Friday, May 6, 2011


106. "It's complicated," he writes. 
"Care to elaborate?"
"It's. Complicatedly. Complicated. Yeah." 

I think I know why you almost failed Literature in highschool.

107. DS-156: US Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form. "Immediate relative means fiancé/fiancée, spouse (husband/wife), child (son/daughter), or sibling (brother/sister)."

108. At the Trône stop. We are waiting for my last bus home, after seeing a movie. The original choice had been either Thor, about aliens and wars, or Source Code, about geeks and bombs. As neither option seemed terribly appealing to me, I was quick to agree with Anna when she came with a last-minute suggestion. I might have taken more time to deliberate, had I looked up the movie: Water for Elephants, about Jacob Jankowski and an alcoholic elephant who only responds to Polish commands.

I am trying to express a concept, "You cannot not be single... wait, you can't not be not... wait..." Zoe offers to help. If, earlier today, Geluck thought that Zoe should be proud of her double negative ("I don't necessarily disagree with you"), he would be weeping with joy when Zoe outdoes even herself: "... the be needs to be there, otherwise it's all screwed up. You cannot be not single if you are not single with no one..."

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