Saturday, May 7, 2011


109. On the dining table, a Post-It note: "Morning! Enjoy a fresh croissant :)" 

It is nice to have Tintin back.

110. Celery is video-Skyping Carrot.
I say hi to Celery.
Mushroom recognizes my voice and chats to me on Skype.
I read out to Zucchini what Mushroom writes.
Zucchini responds verbally, and all of us can hear what she says.
This is modern networking.

111. Desigual's changing room. Hair neatly pulled into a chignon, Lisa is swirling in a white, halterneck summer dress that perfectly accentuates her slim figure. As I try to find words to compliment her, Lisa says, "I am fat."

Usually, this would be the cue for me to vigorously argue for the opposite, "No, you are not. Look at you. You are 20cm wide. Lose more weight and you will disappear into thin air. You are perfect the way you are." Then the debate would go on for another five minutes, or however long it would take to convince a pencil that it is not a highlighter. This time, another strategy suddenly comes to me. "Yep, you look exactly like a hippopotamus." "You are almost like that fat lady in the circus...," continues Eva. Lisa smiles, and the topic is dropped.

Eva and I would make excellent boyfriends.

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