Monday, May 30, 2011


178. Becoming instantly religious and praying fervently, when cars start honking loudly behind my wobbling bike, right in the middle of the wide and accident-prone Boulevard Général Jacques. 

179. Having a proper Coke break again with Zoe, marking the end of my one-week experiment of having no soft drinks. As fun as it was to knock on her office window from the outside and catching her at the exact moment of stuffing an entire cookie into her mouth, thinking breaks are just not the same as Coke breaks.

180. Leaning against the windowsill in the living room, I am having my breakfast.
"Have a good day," Gaston says, something he does every morning before going to work. 
"See you after theatre?"  It is Monday.
"No...," he hesitates, "I don't have theatre tonight." 
"We can keep pretending that you take these imaginary theatre lessons, you know..." I generously offer. 
"Yes, but I need to change excuses every now and then." He smiles, then remembering something else, he asks, "are you doing anything tomorrow?" 
"Then we can...?" he waves his arm in the general direction of the dining table. 
"Yes, we can." I smile, thinking to myself that this is an appropriate start to the one-year anniversary of my moving into this lovely apartment.

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